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Is the LG Smart 43UK6400 the best Value 4K UHD TV in Kenya?

Shopping for a new television set could be a daunting expedition especially if all the relevant facts are not within your grasp. It’s not like shopping for a new smart phone that you’d easily get experiences or even real time feel before choosing one. It’s more or less like choosing a wife/husband, you don’t really get their true pictures until you’ve officially settled down, that’s if you live in a country like Kenya where retailers don’t do the “return policy” thing. Before I came across the LG 43UK6400 smart TV, I had literally scratched several hairs off my head searching for a set that’s just big enough, future proofed on important aspects while within my pocket size.

When I head off to buy a new phone, my choice is almost always certain; I look for an iPhone with a couple more years remaining for software support. I basically look for an iPhone that’s still has three or more years before it’s removed from Apple’s software upgrade lists. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case when I decided to upgrade my aged television set. I simply didn’t have options to compare with and mostly relied on what the sales guys were telling me. Of course I didn’t know about the LG 43UK6400 smart TV at least until I went online to checkout some of the models I had seen in one of the local supermarket.

Comparison with Other 4K smart TV’s

I stumbled upon several brands that exceled in various categories, I couldn’t for example get a better competitor to Hisense 43A6100UW smart TV that retailed for about Ksh. 38,000; however, after several considerations, the software experience was nowhere near LG’s renown webOS. On the other hand, I was keen to check what Sony was offering considering my last TV which had faithfully served my family for more than five years before it moved to a more deserving new owner came from Sony. On my shortlist was the Sony 43X7000F smart TV, the price was almost twice that of Hisense and I couldn’t understand the smart features on several occasions while in their showroom.  

While my heart craved dearly for a suitable Sony brand that would meet my expectations, I had a hard time figuring out the whole narrative of Linux operating system on a smart TV, and as I came to learn, Linux does not have the best technology in smart TV’s. I couldn’t access some of the apps that I wanted installed and the navigation process was rather a bit tedious. I have an apple TV box of course which I really tried to convince myself that it should be enough to serve my smart cravings but it was good to know these features are there no matter what.

Secondly, I wasn’t ready to churn out that kind of cash just so I could upgrade my system. Moving on to Samsung was not an option in my case. I remember the day when one of my friends purchased a Samsung TV only to find out later, the set could only connect to a system with optical sound input.   

Why the LG Smart 43UK6400 is the best Value 4K TV in Kenya


LG’s webOS is by far the industry standard platform and is supported by many steaming services such as Netflix and amazon prime video. It has an intuitive navigation panel and I could easily operate the TV without having to read a manual fast.

4K UHD Resolution

When I have to decide on the first thing to look for in a television set, the screen usually tops them all. I can’t really say I’ve got lots of 4K content to watch but just having it there means I could someday watch Netflix in 4K (when I upgrade my package and internet).


For Ksh 45,000 in Kenya, the LG Smart 43UK6400 sealed it for me. I got a combination of both the best OS in the industry while future proofing against 4K madness and at the same time maintaining a comparatively good price in the industry.


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