WhatsApp to Introduce New Feature Allowing Users to Share Voice Notes as Status Updates

The facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, has announced a new feature that will allow its users to share voice notes as status updates. The feature was reported by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo on Wednesday, stating that it will be available in the app’s latest version.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp’s latest version,, will allow users to share voice notes as status updates. This feature will give users more control over their recordings by enabling them to discard a recording before it is shared.

Like video status updates, the maximum recording time for a voice note will be limited to 30 seconds. The updates will also be end-to-end encrypted, meaning only people selected within the privacy settings can listen in. It guarantees that the voice updates will be private and shared only with the intended audience.

The voice updates will automatically disappear after 24 hours; however, users will have the option of deleting them for everyone before the expiry of the period. It allows users to decide when they want their voice updates to disappear.

Currently, the status feature allows WhatsApp users only to share photos, videos, written texts, and links with their contacts. With the introduction of voice notes, users will have more options to express themselves and share their thoughts with their contacts.

The addition of voice notes as a status update feature is a great addition to WhatsApp, allowing users to communicate more personally and authentically. It also provides users with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas more naturally and easy way.

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of sharing voice notes as status updates will offer users more control and flexibility in communicating with their contacts. It is a valuable addition to the app that allows users to share their thoughts and ideas more personally and authentically.


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