Nairobi Expressway Unveils Mobile App, for Effortless Commutes and Digital Connectivity

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In a stride towards modernity, Moja Expressway Company has unleashed a game-changer for motorists in Kenya—the Nairobi Expressway App. This technological marvel, available for download on both Android and iPhone platforms, promises a convenient shift in the way expressway services are accessed.

No more hassles of visiting the main service center at Nairobi Expressway Plaza along Mombasa Road; the app brings essential services to the fingertips of users. It’s not just another app; it’s a portal to streamlined experiences on the expressway.

The functionalities of the Nairobi Expressway App are nothing short of impressive. Users can effortlessly check account balances, access mini-statements, track expenditures, and navigate seamlessly using Google Maps. Real-time updates ensure users stay in the loop, making their commute smoother and more informed.

How to Download the App

To make it even simpler, you can visit the official Nairobi Expressway website at There, you’ll find direct links for both Android and iPhone platforms, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free download experience.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the integration of the app with the Expressway’s ongoing efforts to embrace digital transactions. The introduction of a shortcode USSD code (*819#) in August marked a significant step towards simplifying access to services. Users can now initiate payments and perform various transactions with just a few taps on their mobile screens.

Dialing *819# opens a virtual gateway to the Nairobi Expressway. The message on the screen warmly greets users with, “Welcome to the Nairobi Expressway! Please register to continue.” Following this prompt, users are presented with options: Top Up ETC, Top Up MTC, Register, or Exit. The step-by-step guidance ensures a user-friendly experience, eliminating the complexities often associated with such technological transitions.

This innovation is not merely about the adoption of an app but represents a paradigm shift in how urban dwellers engage with transportation services. It caters to the growing need for efficiency and accessibility in the fast-paced lives of Kenyans.


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