Government pushes for a regulatory framework for communication practitioners; Cabinet Secretary announces plan to expedite IPRAC bill

The government is pushing to establish a regulatory framework for communication practitioners in the country. In a recent engagement with members of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), ICT’s Cabinet Secretary and Digital Economy, Eliud Owalo, revealed his intention to accelerate the approval process of the Institute of Public Relations and Communication Management Bill (IPRAC). The bill, once passed, will establish a legal framework for communication professionals in the country, ensuring that the practice of public relations and communication adheres to ethical and professional standards.

Aside from his support for the IPRAC bill, Mr. Owalo also pledged his support for the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) in their program and policy development activities. It includes the creation of other relevant legislative frameworks to enhance the effectiveness of society. Additionally, the Cabinet Secretary also agreed to collaborate with PRSK to expand capacity-building programs aimed at improving the skills of Public Communication Officers.

Another potential collaboration discussed during the meeting was initiating joint communications programs to create visibility for successful government programs and projects across the country. It will help increase public awareness of government initiatives and gain support for them.

PRSK welcomed the Cabinet Secretary’s commitment and praised his efforts to support the development of the communication profession in Kenya. The society’s President, Mr. John Onyando, stated that the organization is ready to work with the government to ensure that the bill is passed and that the communication profession is regulated and professionalized.

The Kenyan government’s push for a regulatory framework for communication practitioners is a positive step towards ensuring that public relations and communication are conducted ethically and professionally. The partnership between the government and PRSK will help increase the profession’s reputation and attract more people to the field while also ensuring that public interests are protected.


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