Kenya is set to have it’s first paperless Cabinet meeting chaired by Ruto

Kenya’s President William Ruto has announced that the country’s Cabinet meeting will go digital, with a paperless format, as part of the government’s digitization agenda. It marks a significant step towards modernizing government operations and services, reducing bureaucracy, and increasing efficiency for citizens.

The Cabinet meeting, which was previously held at State House and observed COVID-19 preventative protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing, will now be run entirely through the digital space. This move comes as part of the government’s goal of migrating all its services to the digital platform within 6 to 12 months.

The President stated that digitizing government services will make them much more efficient, as the time it takes to send a letter is more extended than sending an email, which arrives instantly. At least 300 government services have already been digitized, to digitize 5,000 services by June. It will allow Kenyans to access land records and other government services without going through unnecessary bureaucracy.

The digitization of government services is not just a step towards modernizing the country’s operations but also a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated the need for more efficient and streamlined processes. The President believes that leveraging technology is critical to making government operations more efficient and accessible to all citizens.

The Kenyan government’s push for digitization is a positive step toward improving government operations and services for its citizens. The government aims to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency by going paperless, allowing citizens to access land records and other benefits easily. The digitization of government services is crucial to modernizing Kenya and will help the country stay ahead in an increasingly digital world.


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