How to setup a Safaricom eSIM on your supported iOS or Android device

Despite eSIM feature becoming widely available across the world, Safaricom’s support has been in the works for quite awhile now. In Kenya, it’s only Faiba that supported this feature on various devices with other service providers expected to adopt thereafter. And from today’s development, Safaricom has now officially jumped onto the wagon.

eSIM functionality allows subscribers to configure their phone numbers on their devices without necessarily having to have a physical SIM card. Devices that have this feature are shipped with a hardware incorporated on the board that stores information required to access various cellular services. We recently wrote an editorial on how you could get an eSIM on the Faiba’s 4G network, and the process is similar on Safaricom.

Here is what you need to configure a Safaricom eSIM on your device

According to the information we received from the telco, eSIM support is available only on a few devices, which include most iPhones that have this capability and latest Samsung Galaxy S devices. But in real sense, we expect this feature to be supported on if not all but most of devices that have the hardware embedded underneath.

For instance, I have one of the latest Google Pixels that I’m intending to have Safaricom’s eSIM configured and hopefully return here with conclusive feedback.

How much Safaricom eSIM cost?

If you are replacing an existing Safaricom physical SIM card, then you will need to pay only KES 150, otherwise for new lines, you’ll pay slightly more at KES 250.

How to get a Safaricom eSIM

  • Visit any Safaricom shop with a supported device
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • You will be given a QR code containing your carrier profile
  • Navigate on your device’s SIM functionality menu (for android tap on settings followed by network & internet, then mobile network – tap on the add icon/plus sign on Google Pixels)
  • You’ll be asked to download an eSIM by scanning a QR code


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