AAR Insurance mobile App is set to eliminate physical interactions with company staff

If there’s one element we’ve all learned from the current pandemic is just how useful technology can be in managing some of the worst outbreaks out there. Building on the current trend of digital service delivery, AAR insurance is all set to eradicate most forms of physical interactions with the insurer’s staff by agents, customers as well as service providers with an all-new mobile app.

The app is equipped with several functionalities such as self-service where customers can access a number of services on their mobile phones as well as allowing service providers and agents to make transactions thereby voiding the need for physical interactions with the company staff. The app is currently available for download for both android devices as well as iOS devices on their respective app stores.

Through the AAR mobile application, customers can view information regarding their medical insurance cover plus benefits in addition to allowing them identify authorized health providers. Additionally, customers can file paperless claims, access their MTIBA accounts and also purchase additional products from the company.

According to AAR, at least 80 percent of total transactions will be moved to its mobile and online platforms, a step that’s aimed at promoting efficacy as well as transforming the customer experience. Following the current pandemic, Kenya’s government issued several guidelines including social distancing that emphasized on citizens making only those trips that are very important as a way to eradicate the virus. As a result, most firms in the country moved their operations online including use of mobile apps and USSD codes.

How to download AAR Insurance mobile app

  • Head over to your respective app store (Play Store for android and App Store for iOS)
  • Then search for AAR Insurance
  • Download the app and access various services

According to AAR Insurance managing Director Nixon Shigoli, the company is determined on creating value for its customers by adopting digital-led business model. Nixon further said the company’s DNA was in offering customers things that matter most by letting them take control such as their health. Shigoli noted that the company was determined to offer branchless and paperless services as way of creating a lean and efficient business model.

According to latest statistics in the insurance sector, adoption of widespread digital insurance was the key to increasing underwriting coverage in the country. While there is almost 98 percent of mobile penetration for example in the country, only 3 percent of the population has an insurance cover.


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