AAR Unveils home delivery of medicines; here is how to get your medication delivered

The current pandemic has affected several aspects of our daily activities including social distancing as well as commuting, but the often left out group of diversely affected Kenyans is persons in need of medical care. It’s now riskier to visit a health facility than just staying at home for persons without dire medical conditions and its from this narrative that we continue seeing several healthcare facilities continue to explore e-health in offering services.

AAR which is associated with medical insurance services as well as outpatients’ activities has inked a deal with e-health service providers MyDawa and CheckUps to deliver medication to clients at home instead of having them commute to pharmacies in an effort to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. The delivery service dubbed – “Health at your doorstep” is set to eliminate the need for customers to visit hospitals as well as pharmacies just so they can get their medication and this is more important for patients that need constant supply of medication such as those with chronic illness.

e-health has become more popular with social distancing directives where we’ve seen several organizations such as those in the telecommunications industry like Telkom Kenya engage health facilities to limit movements amongst Kenyans by offering consultation services via mobile phones or other technological means.

Earlier on, we witnessed firms such as Valentis health engage Telkom Kenya to offer telemedicine services to members at subsidized rates and Minet partner with SASADoctor to offer video medical consultation services. Thanks to covid-19, this is the new world we now live in, several organizations have been forced to explore technology in offering services without having customers commute to physical locations such as offices or in this case medical facilities.

AAR which boasts of more than 200,000 customers across the country, will let them order medication right on their mobile phones and get the same delivered at their doorsteps rather than having to commute and probably spend a lot of time at health facilities.

According to AAR’s managing director Nixon Shigoli, the company understood the need of its customers to stay away from covid-19 risks which included staying indoors and working from home. Shigoli said the firm wanted to make it easier for customers to comply with current guidelines especially those with chronic conditions who may be at a higher risk of contracting the novel corona virus by utilizing apps to get their medication effectively limiting trips to health facilities.

How AAR customers can order for medication and get it delivered on their doorsteps from their mobile phones

  • The service can be accessed through WhatsApp chat by first saving WhatsAPP number 0703665191
  • And sending photos of original prescription and claim form to CheckUps via the WhatsApp number
  • Or log in to MyDawa website or app, upload the original prescription and then follow the prompts.

By forging partnerships with MyDawa and CheckUps, AAR Insurance Kenya is effectively exploring digital transformation strategy anchored on delivering value to customers. MyDawa was launched back in 2017 as an e-health platform that’s owned by ION Kenya which enables patients to order a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs online.

CheckUps, an online medical tele-consultation service offered by Nairobi-based CheckUps Medical Center, also offers home delivery for prescription medicine.

e-Health has become a viable solution to promoting better healthcare delivery in Kenya. WHO identifies e-Health as the combined use of electronic communication and information technology in the health sector.


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