AAR set to track medical claims using a mobile phone after 50,000 customers sign up

AAR insurance plans to track medical claims by using a mobile phone after 50,000 of its customers signed up on the platform. M-TIBA – a medical cover service which has been in operation for well over a year and is based on a mobile platform operated by e-health provider Carepay will now allow the firm to track medical claims on mobile devices. the development comes at a time when there has been a noticeable surge in consumption of e-health solutions in the country.

According to AAR insurance’s managing director Nixon Shigoli, the move has been motivated by customer’s need to have claims settled as soon as possible and be able to view their medical expenditures. Shigoli further said the insurer was keen in making healthcare more accessible, better, safer and cheaper on top of having clients involved in decisions concerning their health.

Shigoli acknowledged the platform had shortened duration from which claims are made and consequently settled to an average of under 48 hours after treatment had been administered. The director indicated they had empowered customers with a view of making their health decisions easier as well as to be informed of their medical expense patterns. Shigoli concluded the initiative will also enable clients be aware and avoid situations where they end up exhausting medical benefits without knowing.

M-TIBA enables customers to know how much they’ve spent on medical expenses in form of a text message which can then be used in making decisions by comparing various service providers while monitoring their medical cover benefits. Additional benefits include making direct payments to medical providers with minimal paperwork as well accessing to mini statements.

Back in the day, AAR introduced M-TIBA in a company digital transformation strategy that would reduce expenses while enriching customer experience and enhancing efficiency. The move caused AAR to get 40 percent more traffic on its digital portal that can be accessed from anywhere by customers.


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