How to register and use M-Tiba – a Mobile wallet service dedicated to healthcare payments

M-Tiba was introduced as an innovation from various partners including Safaricom and Pharmaccess to enable most Kenyan’s and their families who currently do not have access to healthcare set aside funds so they can save, send and spend funds specifically on health payments. As of now, many Kenyans do not have some sort of health coverage that would take care of their health bills in case they fall sick. For this reason most depend on public services, which are often overstretched, or on private healthcare that they need to pay out of their pockets and which may not be affordable. Health insurance is generally out of their reach. From this observation, most do not have access healthcare services which in turn leads to poor health outcomes, such as the highest maternal and child mortality in East Africa. With regard to need for quality healthcare services M-Tiba was unveiled.

Basically, M-Tiba enables subscribers to save borrow, and share money for healthcare at very low costs. In this case, donors and insurers can offer healthcare financing products, such as vouchers, managed funds and low cost health insurance, to specific segments of the Kenyan population. Through intelligent segmentation of the Safaricom database, M-Tiba allows for direct targeting of specific groups, such as nomadic communities, slum dwellers and smallholder farmers. The use of M-Tiba is restricted to conditional spending at selected healthcare providers across Kenya. Transparency M-Tiba brings transparency and accountability to healthcare financing (for donors, government, insurers and corporates) and thus increases trust throughout the system.

Here are some Key advantages of M-Tiba

  • M-Tiba enables customers to regularly put aside money directly on their mobile phones
  • Flexible in funds to set aside from as little as Ksh.10
  • Free registration to M-Tiba as well as Mpesa to M-Tiba transactions are free
  • Seamlessly manage healthcare funds to extended family
  • To access healthcare conveniently since it’s done right on your handset

How to Regisgter on M-Tiba (Various Methods)

  • By using a USSD Command: Dial *235# and follow the prompts
  • Through an M-Tiba agent
  • Any facilities bearing M-Tiba logo
  • By calling M-Tiba toll free 0800 721253

How to check your M-Tiba balance;

  • From your mobile phone, dial *253# and enter your M-Tiba PIN or just press “1” if you’ve forgot your PIN then select option 2 “My MTIBA”, available products will be displayed along with available balances.

Any Kenyan is eligible to register to the M-Tiba service and can add any family member whom they can pay for as well using M-Tiba. Members can as well opt out of the facility by calling the toll free number 0800 721253


  1. Hi,am trying to add dependant,find clinic and get treatment with my phone but i cant,kindly assist
    tel no.0712106904
    Also the http; given aint working

  2. Hi can i be helped with copies of my dependants birth certificates. I lost them in sport ground Kisumu at the UHC registration desk where i was enrolled for MTIBA.
    Please send them on whats up to 0724352814. I am desperately in need of the copies to retrieve the registration numbers and there after get new copies. I have a police abstract just waiting to get the numbers.
    1. Miriam Ouma
    2. Joshua Ouma
    3. Luis Ouma

    Beatrice Ouma 0724352814

  3. Hey,am alex mutua a propreitor running a medical center in mombasa , how can i register my facility with this scheme


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