Uber Kenya unveils UberEVENTS for party/event planners to provide door to door rides to guests

Are you planning for a party or a function and don’t have transport for your guests? Uber Kenya just unveiled a service that will provide door to door rides for your guests. Uber Kenya is by far the most popular taxi hailing service in the country with operations in Nairobi and Mombasa – Kenya’s biggest towns. As of now, if you are planning an event, UberEVENTS will sort the transport needs for your guests. All you have to do is provide a few necessary details regarding the event and Uber will take care of the rest.

Whether you are planning the smallest soirees of smallest functions to the largest gatherings, you practically require a lot of planning and that includes ensuring your guests can get to and from easily. With UberEVENTS, it’s an easy service solution tailored to allow every host to buy rides in advance for their guests. This can come in handy especially during this festive season. Simply provide a few details about the event and Uber will take care of the rest.

Your Event, door to door

Regardless of the type of event, UberEVENTS will give your guests a door to door solution.

For the host

Never worry about someone missing the last shuttle or getting stranded at the end of the night. Put the power of Uber in your guests’ hands.

For the guest

Focusing on the fun is easier when safe rides are one tap away.

Purchasing rides through UberEVENTS works for year-end functions, weddings, conferences, NYE parties, dinners, and more. Thanks to the flexibility of Uber, planning is less expensive, easier on you, and your guests are happy because they can come and go as they please.

As a host, UberEVENTS puts you in the driver’s seat to manage when, where, and for how much your guests can ride, and you’re only on the hook for the actual value of the codes redeemed.

  • Create one custom code for all guests to make distribution easy, or a unique code for each guest.
  • Set your event date, time, and location to make sure you’re covering the right rides.

Need a new party trick? This holiday season, use UberEVENTS to take your event to the next level.


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