Yego Mobility Enters Eldoret Town in Its Expansive Strategy

Yego Mobility, the prominent taxi-hailing firm, strategically expands its reach by introducing services in Eldoret town; this marks their third venture into a new Kenyan locale. Founder and CEO Karanvir Singh announced not only an exciting development but also emphasized that over 300 new drivers have joined them as part of their initiative to cater specifically for Eldoret’s transportation needs: a clear demonstration of proactive commitment towards enhancing local convenience.

At the Eldoret launch event, Singh underscored this expansion’s importance in providing access to the Rift Valley region. Yego Mobility distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering the market’s most affordable rates; as Singh asserted, “We stand out due to our exceptionally low fee.” However, our drivers receive their payment within 60 seconds of a passenger exiting the vehicle; elsewhere, as is customary, they are typically paid on a weekly basis.

Anticipating a disruption in the North Rift market, Yego Mobility, renowned for its dominant presence within Rwanda’s digital business landscape, ventures into Eldoret to intensify competition with existing players like Wasili taxi hailing company. Officially entering the Kenyan market in May, they have strategically implemented driver incentives as fuel for competing against their established rivals.

Singh asserts an intricate link between the firm’s growth strategy in the Kenyan market and its drivers’ welfare. He underscores, “To ensure passengers receive a positive experience, we must first satisfy our driver community. When a driver isn’t preoccupied with earning potential, it offers distinct advantages; passenger attitudes noticeably shift as they perceive their driver’s disposition change due to fare adjustments made even amidst rising fuel costs.”

Operating on a metered system, Yego Mobility distinguishes itself from other apps that utilize a fixed price structure. This unique approach guarantees compensation for drivers with each additional 100 meters they travel; thus, alleviating their concerns about route modifications requested by passengers. Since its entry into the Kenyan market last year, over 17,000 drivers across the country have joined Yego Mobility, as Singh disclosed. The firm currently dominates in Mombasa and Nairobi cities, with its Eldoret expansion serving as a strategic move to intensify regional growth.


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