How to check your data usage statistics on your phone from Safaricom’s Data Statement

Ever wondered how your bundles are used on your mobile phone? Safaricom has a new nifty feature that allows subscribers to get a data usage statement highlighting how much data was used by each application on their mobile phones. The feature breaks data usage by each mobile application for a specified timeframe; for example, you can check how much data was consumed by WhatsApp or Facebook or YouTube through a certain period of time on your mobile phone.

Why would you need a data statement?

Just like an MPESA statement or a bank statement for that matter, a data usage statement is just as important to help in planning and also to bring some transparency on how your data was consumed. You can choose to limit how much data a certain application uses based on such statement, for example limit YouTube streaming only when you are connected to a WiFi network. It also identifies rogue applications that often-run background activity that may consume data unnecessarily.

How to get a Safaricom data bundles usage statement

You’ll need to be connected to a mobile network to access this feature. Ensure your mobile phone has some data and enable mobile data then proceed with below steps to see how much data was consumed by mobile applications on your device in a specified period.

  • On your mobile phone, dial *544#
  • Then select Balance from the menu
  • You should receive a text message shortly with current data bundle
  • Inside the text message, you should see a link:
  • Click on the link, while you are connected to the internet via mobile data
  • You can then proceed to select a timeframe for the statement
  • A statement will be shown with top apps and how much they individually consumed.



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