7 tips on how to keep your car battery new forever

A healthy and perfect running car is every motorist’s dream. A good car battery will ensure you have a smooth start and ride for the longest time. In most cases,  battery health and maintenance gets overlooked even when it has a vital role to play in the better functioning of your car. 

For the best car performance, the battery should be in the right condition. Proper maintenance and checkups will help retain its strength and prolong its life. To ensure you avoid the situation with the battery dying during rides, you may need to take extra care of your battery.

Try these and see your battery retaining its newness forever:

  1. Always keep your battery clean.

A clean battery will always ensure you have a smooth ride with the full charge. It is simple to clean your car battery when the engine is off. What you need to do is remove the clamps and clean away the oxidation, grease, and dirt.

  • Make sure your battery is secure.

Ensure your battery is correctly fastened in its place and does not move or vibrate. Any movement could destroy your battery’s life as well as the cells within it and the engine.

  • Turn off your vehicle.

If your car is not to be running, you can consider turning it off and its accessories. When checking within the battery, turn off the engine and save your battery.

  • Avoid direct sunlight

Too much heat could damage and affect the life of your car battery according to Politics. It is recommended you park your car in cooler or shaded places to keep your battery cool. As you may not wish to damage your batteries due to water loss or heat distortion, taking great care of it will guarantee its newness for the longest time.

Fortunately, Chloride Exide batteries can tolerate the harshest temperatures; there is still a need for special care.

  • Get the right car battery.

Ensure you know what kind of battery will fit your needs. They may seem the same, but getting the right one will serve you for longer.

  • Coat and protector

Rust and erosion are common for car batteries due to moisture, temperature, and rusted terminals. To prevent them from forming, you may need to get felt protectors for your terminals and keep your battery coated. You can decide on sprays-grease or Vaseline, depending on what works for you for your battery’s health.

7. Charge and Recharge

A car battery will lose its charge if the car stays idle for long. It is advisable to drive your car regularly to keep it in shape. You can as well as use a standard car battery charger or solar chargers to charge your battery after every two months. However, you should avoid overcharging your battery as it will take a toll on the life span.

For any regular car battery, it will take up to 12 hours to fully charge. It will depend on its weight, type, and usage, and so on.

A healthy battery will serve you for the longest time on the care you have given it. Its high time maintenance of car batteries came first.

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