Airtel Africa opts for Ericsson to upgrade its current 4G network to be 5G ready

Artel has settled on Ericsson to upgrade its current 3G network to 4G and make it 5G ready, the move is expected to avail a faster internet connection on the Airtel network compared to previous 3G network. The world over has steadily started migrating from LTE connections to 5G which is deemed to be several times faster than its predecessor. The deal is expected to modernize voice and data quality within the network.

Due to the current effects caused by the novel corona virus, most companies have opted to have staff work from their homes, a move that was undertaken to reduce the risk of infections while making sure the firms continued to offer services to customers. Schools also shut down as a result and in many cases, some education institutions adopted e-learning to mitigate any loss on learners’ side.

This in turn drove more people to use internet as a means to access learning materials as well as services from various companies including financial institutions. Data consumption increased tremendously here in Kenya, and this could only mean consumers were looking for any provider that offered reliable, cheaper and faster internet connection.

While Airtel Kenya has some of the most affordable data rates in the country, their network hasn’t been always the fastest, Safaricom, Telkom and even JTL have all been regarded as better alternatives when it comes to internet speeds. Airtel Africa intents to modernize the existing infrastructure while driving simplification. And with Ericsson’s Radio System and Packet Core solutions, the mobile service provider intents to enhance 4G coverage catering for both consumer and enterprise segment.

The deal is also expected to make Airtel Kenya’s network 5G ready for deployment. Several countries have already migrated their networks to 5G which is regarded to be faster than 4G and offers a myriad of advantages over the past platforms.

Speaking on the deal, CEO of Airtel Kenya Prasanta Das Sarma said that secure and reliable communications were essential element in a digital Kenya. He further acknowledged the company was determined to to provide reliable connections across the country as well as expanding its broadband services to customers.

Ericsson on its part through Middle East and Africa President Fadi Pharaon said the two firms are committed to avail an advanced LTE network in the country which in turn will give Airtel customers an enriched experience accommodating both consumer and business segments.


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