How to request for airtime on credit (Kopa Credo) on Airtel network

Requesting for an advance airtime capability on Airtel network has been in operation for some time now. I remember the first time when Safaricom introduced the feature to its subscribers, the facility became almost instantly popular giving customers an option to make important calls even without having airtime credit. It was just a matter of time before we could see competing service providers jumping on to the bandwagon as well. The facility basically ensures that customers continue to spend on services the service provider is giving even without having access or enough credit to do so, and honestly what kind of business wouldn’t want that.

Just as Safaricom subscribers can request for airtime on credit as well as Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya’s prepaid subscribers can as well apply for an advance airtime to buy or subscribe to any Airtel product or service with no restrictions! And yes the facility works in a similar way you’d apply for a short term loan to be paid plus what the telco companies are calling a “facilitation” fee; while it’s not, plain truth is the additional amount is basically an interest. As we prepare for the second and third largest mobile technology companies in Kenya – Telkom and Airtel to merge, we expect several services to be merged as well and it’ll be interesting to see the outcome which I imagine would be a hybrid of the two. It also remains a mystery how this facility will be managed once the two Telco’s become one.  

How to request for advance airtime (Kopa Credo) on Airtel network.

Before we highlight the simple steps involved in enjoying the Kopa Credo facility on the Airtel network, there are a few conditions/requirement that subscribers must meet.

Requirements for Kopa Credo

  • Airtel subscribers must have had a minimum recharge of 10 Kes in the preceeding 90 days to qualify for Kopa Credo
  • And of course users must be registered Airtel subscribers
  • Subscribers who have received the maximum amount of Kopa Credo amount they are eligible for, must repay the amount before any further advances are made;
  • Subscribers suspended or de-activated by Airtel will not be eligible for the service.
  • Airtel shall deduct a 10% service fee on the Kopa Credo amount requested by a subscriber

Steps to request for Kopa Credo

  • Subscribers can simply dial the USSD short code *310#, on their devices
  • Kopa Credo airtime can be used buy your favorite Airtel bundle, make internal calls & SMS or make local calls & SMS to any network.


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