How to enable data manager on Telkom Kenya line so you don’t mistakenly use airtime browsing

While data costs have really come down comparing to a few years ago, it’s still a good Idea to take charge of your phone consumption so you don’t incur unnecessary costs. Data manager basically works by limiting charges to specific bundles rather than gobbling your little airtime once its been exhausted. Take an example watching a YouTube video with data bundles, without a data manager, once your out of subscribed bundle, mobile service providers automatically bill on your available airtime balance at their set rates.

With a data manager, once you’ve exhausted your bundles, the YouTube video should automatically stop at least until you’ve bought additional data. It makes sure your airtime is utilized on the specific intended use. Back in the day when there was no such thing as a data manager, you could hear several people complaining on various mobile networks just how their little airtime was used for something they really didn’t have to. Today, almost all mobile service providers in the country have their own data manager features that can be accessed via a USSD code.

Airtel Kenya has its own data manager feature as well as Safaricom which can both be accessed via a USSD code. Telkom Kenya has provided a similar feature that has been operational for a few years and can as well be accessed via a USSD code to limit your data consumption to subscribed bundles rather than airtime balance. The mobile service provider also has some of the most affordable bundles in the country.

How to activate data manager on Telkom Kenya network.

  • On your mobile phone, Dial *544#
  • Then look for data manager, if not available, press 7 to continue to the next page
  • Then Choose Data manager
  • And select “Activate”
  • You can activate Data manager for another number as well


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