How to activate data manager on Airtel Kenya network and prevent browsing with airtime

Using a data manager has become the most efficient way to prevent network service providers from gobbling-up your little airtime on data without knowing. There are some instances you might use your entire credit on data without intending to, and this should be a concern for those of us on data plans that are not unlimited. But if you have enough airtime, probably provided by your employer or for some reason have more than you need, then maybe you might not need a data manager to curb your use.

Take for example you’ve subscribed to let’s say 50mb data, once you’ve used-up the data browsing or watching videos online, network service providers usually continue offering internet connectivity but bill on your current airtime at least if you haven’t enabled a data manager. I remember we had quite a run on Safaricom’s network where most subscribers could just find missing bundles and zero airtime balance only to realize it had been used to pay for browsing “out of data”.

This motivated the telco to unveil a data manager that has since come in handy for most of us; restricting unnecessary data charges that are often expensive as compared to subscribing to bundles. And after demands from Airtel subscribers, the mobile service provider was finally gracious enough to unveil the feature.

If you’re on the Airtel Kenya network, there’s a simple process you could activate a data manager so you wont mistakenly use-up your airtime on data. All you have to do is run a USSD command and follow some simple steps.

Here’s how to activate data manager on Airtel Kenya network

  • While on your phone, dial *544#
  • From the available options, scroll through until you see – Data Manager
  • If you don’t see the option on the first page, proceed to the next page by replying with number next to respective option.
  • Reply with option for Data manager and press OK
  • You should receive a confirmation message from Airtel.



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