How to activate Safaricom’s Data Manager to prevent running out of airtime

Keeping touch of your current data balance can be such a tedious exercise especially for those of us who currently do not have unlimited data plans. On one second, you could be having lots of data that doesn’t necessitate worrying about stretching into your valuable airtime balance and on the other hand, technology doesn’t provide us with much of a choice but we still need to balance everything. Safaricom hasn’t been in the good books lately when it comes to data usage; there are a ton of cases where subscribers complain of their data balances being gobbled up in minutes without any tangible usage.

Occasionally, I’ve heard friends who ended up spending a lot of money for browsing without knowing just because they’d ran out of bundles. Luck are those on unlimited plans as there’s probably no reason to worry about this; however, imagine someone whose data ran out while using WhatsApp unknowingly and ended up to Okoa Jahazi. Its inconveniencing and annoying considering there’s a simple trick to avoid all this.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to use Safaricom bundles without worrying about using-up your airtime.

How to activate Safaricom’s Data Manager to prevent running out of airtime  

  • On your safaricom phone, dial *544#
  • On the menus, scroll down until you see “My Data Manager”
  • If it’s not available on the list, reply with 98 (more) to move on to the next page
  • Respond with the number against “My Data Manager” i.e. “11” if My Data Manager is listed at position 11
  • You’ll have three options to choose from
  • 1. Data Save
  • 2. Don’t browse without a data bundle
  • 0 Back or 00 Home
  • Choose “Don’t browse without a data bundle”

That’s it. Once you run out of data bundles, you’ll not be able to access internet until you purchase a new offer.


  1. Dial *100* then choose my account,then choose my airtime and data manager then follow the step if you want to activate or deactivate will do it there


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