Samsung is set to add wireless charging feature on its “A” series mid-range lineup

Wireless charging on smartphones is yet to get the anticipated mass rollout we’d expected coming into 2020, however several manufacturers such as Samsung, are planning to unveil the feature on their budget themed devices with Samsung set to include on its “A” series handsets coming in 2021. Wireless charging capability is an awesome feature that allows devices to be wirelessly charged via known standards such as Qi.

The feature has far too long lacked on most devices and the chargers haven’t been adopted to a reasonable level either. We recently highlighted some of the best wireless power banks you could buy locally and prices have at least been dropping ever since.

Samsung’s A series lineup offers some of the best devices in the industry and have for a while been making headlines when it comes to the overall smartphone shipments across the globe. Here in Kenya, the likes of Samsung galaxy A31, A20s and A10s are performing exceptionally well than other Samsung devices, thanks to their mid-tier prices while still offering a lot.

The A series is set to get a boost at least according to latest reports from the Elec, Samsung is planning to expand wireless charging to the series to stay afloat in a crowded market. At the moment, within the series, only the highly priced Galaxy A90 supports wireless charging, besides the tech giant’s flagship Galaxy S and Note series. The feature is expected to come aboard more affordable Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 lines.

We expect Samsung to unveil the feature in the coming year as at the moment even highly placed Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G don’t support wireless charging. The decision to bring wireless charging to affordable series might have been influenced by Apples decision to include in the more affordable iPhone SE 2020.


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