Samsung unveils M5 and M7 smart monitor with both PC and smart TV features

While the current pandemic has altered our once normal way of life, we’re just starting to notice its effect on technology with various innovations aimed at making our lives have some sense of normalcy. We recently witnessed L’Oréal unveil tools that would make it easier for people across the globe make those video conferencing meetings without having to apply makeup first. The service dubbed signature faces automatically applies virtual makeup on users by following simple steps. Samsung is poised to explore opportunities brought forth by the pandemic by introducing Smart Monitor M7 that has features suitable for both work and home use.

In what has been regarded as an all in one display panel, Samsung’s latest monitor features both PC and smart TV functionalities. The tech giant aims to tap into the post COVID-19 era where most workers in various organizations are now working from their homes. The panel which is dubbed as a smart monitor, runs on Samsung’s proprietary software Tizen and comes with a built-in WiFi radio Bluetooth as well as Samsung’s DeX capability. Surprisingly, the monitor is also equipped with AirPlay 2, allowing users with Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and Macs to share media content on the panel.

Other features include the ability to view, edit and save office 365 applications in the cloud bypassing the need to have a PC hooked on it. Users with other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 can turn the panel into a computer using Samsung’s DeX feature. Dex has been mostly a “miss” feature rather than a “Hit”, just because it didn’t really gain momentum as we all expected during it’s initial days. There are also notable questions with regards to just how the connection would work with Dex considering the latency that so many people just find hard to deal with.

As expected with display panels running on Samsung’s Tizen OS, users can easily switch the monitor into a smart TV and have access to various streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, Prime and YouTube. In case you need additional functionality, you can download more apps from the included app store.

There is no word on when and if the monitor will be available in Kenya, but if you hail from right territories, it’ll be available in two models and three variants. A 27-inch FHD model dubbed M5, a 32-inch Full-HD model also named M5 and a 32-inch Ultra HD model dubbed M7. Price is expected to start from $230 and $280 for the M5 variants respectively, while the M7 model will be available at $400.


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