Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ 3D-Ready LCD Display Monitor

Emergence of 3D ready monitors has transformed the industry with introduction of display panels such as Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster capable of producing close to real 3D images; in this article, I want to mainly review Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster 3D-Ready monitor. One of the aspects that I love about Samsung display panels is their ability to support dynamic contrast ratios in turn producing brilliant unmatched colors; Samsung 2233RZ excels in this aspect.

Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster presents a 2D and 3D Ready wide display panel making it easier to multitask, switch to a jaw dropping 3D experience by utilizing widescreen properties on a touch of a button. Previously, most users have had concern regarding the refresh rate of LCD monitors; at 60Hz LCD monitors may flicker, however, at higher refresh rates like that of Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster (120Hz) flicker effects hardly occur. In fact, today LCD monitors with refresh rates starting at 75Hz do not flicker.
LCD panels like Samsung 2233RZ which utilize Geforce 3D stereoscopic glasses limits flicker occurrence to almost none with each of their liquid crystal lenses shutter opening at 60 times a second. To support the Geforce glasses, LCD monitors must show twice the number of frames alternating between pictures for the right and left eyes hence 120Hz refresh rate just like that of Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster 3D ready monitor.
Samsung 2233RZ 3D-Ready Monitor Features/Specifications;
  • 2D and 3D ready. Samsung 2233RZ SyncMaster provides full widescreen properties with room to multi-task applications or to switch to jaw dropping 3D experience.
  • High Dynamic contrast ratio. Samsung 2233RZ offers the highest contrast ratio and in simple terms, the higher the contrast ratio, the more brilliant the detail.
  • 120Hz technology. Comparing Samsung 2233RZ refresh rate of 120Hz signal which create 3D with 2 fully 60Hz images, other conventional Monitors that I know of split a 60Hz signal into two 30Hz images.
  • Compatible with Geforce 3D vision glasses.
  • Ultra fast 3ms (millisecond) response time producing crisp clear images regardless of the speed of action.
Samsung 2233RZ 3D-Ready Monitor Price in Kenya:  $329.99


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