Acer A500 Iconia Android Tablet

Looking at the new Acer A500 Iconia Tab from Acer, there seems to be similarities with its Motorola Xoom and G-slate rivals considering same features such as Tegra 2 Processor, Honeycomb and a bright screen. The new Acer A500 Iconia Tablet has a 10.1inch display panel just like Motorola Xoom and G-slate; however, Acer A500 Iconia tab is bulkier, costs less than its look a like rivals and only comes with WiFi unlike its rivals which have 3G options.
Despite limited features, Acer A500 Iconia tablet is one of the best available tablets in the industry offering a reasonable pricing and performance. At the moment, there is only one option for Acer A500 Iconia Tablet unlike its look a like Motorola Xoom and G-slate which comes in a variety depending on WiFi and 3G, storage capacity and WiFi only options; Acer A500 Iconia is available with WiFi and 16GB storage capacity only.

Like I mentioned before, Acer A500 Iconia tablet is one of the best Android tablets available at the market; most of you are wondering how, considering a small 16GB storage capacity, the A500 Iconia tablet has an option to expand its storage space with an external MicroSD card up to 32GB. Acer A500 Iconia tab upgrade with 32GB storage capacity is expected to hit the market soon according to Acer a relief many Acer fanatics have been waiting to hear.

Acer A500 Iconia tablet has a spectacular sleek, glossy black design with a pewter-color brushed aluminum frame above and below the screen unlike Motorola Xoom and G-slate which have an all-around black bezel.

Acer A500 Iconia Android Tablet Features/Specifications;

  • Tegra 2 Dual-Core nVidia processor running at 1GHz speed.
  • Acer A500 Iconia tab runs on Android operating system which has countless applications from an extensive Android Market.
  • 16GB storage capacity; however, a 32GB upgrade of Acer A500 Iconia tab is expected soon.
  • Acer A500 Iconia utilizes Honeycomb to offer multitasking and notifications capabilities.
Acer A500 Iconia Android Tablet Price in Kenya: Kshs. $349.99-$399.98


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