LG A180 Bharti Airtel Kenya Offer

Bharti Airtel Kenya has introduced one of LG’s affordable low end LG A180 cell phone to its retail outlets. The new offer from Airtel Kenya presents one of LG’s latest handset featuring a candy-bar design colored in black with a clear attractive keypad. It has distinct beautiful oval shaped keys and on the sides housing a charger port while keeping a head phone port on the upper part of its body. The new LG A180 offer from Airtel is technically free considering the amount of Airtime subscribers will get after purchasing the device.

Today in the era of smart phones and tablets running Android operating system, iOS operating system and Windows phone operating system, most consumers are looking for these advanced devices with countless applications available from an extensive market as opposed to low end Symbian powered cell phones with limited capabilities. Let me give an example; innovations in technology has brought forth various methods of sharing content on your device such as Bluetooth, WiFi Allshare and DLNA, it would therefore be more convenient to record HD quality video clips on your smart phone and watch via a DLNA enabled HD TV rather than having a separate handset and a digital camera.
What I’m actually trying to put across is the fact that buying a cell phone and a digital camera is more expensive and inconvenience as compared to having a single cell phone with all these capabilities; however, lets not forget you may prefer having separate phones for different purposes hence importance of low end cell phones such as LG A180.
There is a couple of features that would be of interest on LG A180 such an FM radio to listen to your favorite stations and a flash light just incase you need it in the dark. Personally, I find sound from LG A180 clear and strong to receive wireless FM radio. LG A180 cell phone offer from Airtel is one of the cheapest (technically) free deals coming from service providers in Kenya.
LG A180 Features/Specifications;
  • TFT LCD display screen supporting resolution of 128x128pixels and up to 65k colors.
  • Wireless FM radio. You don’t need an external antennae like head phone to receive Fm radio stations on LG A180 cell phone.
  • USB port
  • Audio jack port
  • Mobile tracker
  • LG A180 comes with a Long battery life
  • It has a Torch
  • Speaker phone
LG A180 Airtel Kenya offer;


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