How about virtual make-up for video calls? L’Oréal unveiled “Signature Faces” for that

The current pandemic era has changed not just how we conduct ourselves but also our way of life, instead of those traditional physical meetups, we now prefer videoconferencing as a safer alternative and firms such as L’Oréal are out to make the experience even better. The company has unveiled a set of augmented reality (AR) based features that allow users to look as if they’ve got makeup during their videoconferencing meeting in most popular videoconferencing services.

The current global pandemic has rendered some of the previously must-have products unnecessary such as some beauty products like makeup. Since most companies allowed employees to work from their homes, they do not necessarily have to use these products since they actually don’t have to be physically present at their offices. And for a few that may need to make regular videoconferences as part of their assignments, L’Oréal has come up with a service that doesn’t require them to actually apply makeup, but instead use its virtual reality driven method to look just as stunning.

The cosmetics firm which is based in France in partnership with Virtue and VICE’s creative agency unveiled a service dubbed Signature Faces for those who actually need it. The collaboration included several 3D artists who are credited with bringing the online-wearable make-up filters to life.

Make your next video call just as stunning,

Signature Faces consists of ten filters that are further grouped into three categories; volumizing capsules, plump shot and fire match. These features can be accessed on various platforms including Zoom, Instagram, Snapchat as well as Google Duo which as an exclusive beauty look.

According to the executive creative director at Virtue, the move was envisioned by the idea that consumers wanted to socialize more on video calls whereas they weren’t optimizing available opportunities as they should have. The executive director further acknowledges they had to develop a beauty case as a result that would allow users to express themselves online in ways that weren’t possible before.  

It’s obvious the current pandemic has forced several organizations to innovate in ways that were never thought of at least to stay afloat. We’ve seen some firms including in the health and learning sectors embrace technology to unveil ways they would use to continue offering services in the pandemic era. Signature Faces which introduced digital makeup capabilities is just an example of how firms are evolving for their own survival.  

How to use Signature Faces filters,

At the moment, these filters are free for everyone and can easily be accessed by anyone without technical needs. You can access them on the brand’s official profile, under the “Filters” tab. For desktop platforms, all you need to do is download Snap Camera and use them during your next video calls.


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