Samsung Series 7 (XE700T1-A01AU) Slate PC in Kenya

The popular slate 7 series personal computers from Samsung are now officially available in Kenya; they are best known to offer functionalities similar to laptops though with a full fledged computer experience. During the launch, Samsung’s General Manager IT, Mr. Nandan Nadir said the slate 7 XE700T1-A01AU series are designed for the on-the-go users who need an ultra-portable device capable of delivering true PC functionality. He also reckoned the slate 7 series PC are the first of its kind to be introduced in Africa offering flourished features such as a bright and highly responsive multi-touch screen. Users can type using the on-screen keyboard and navigate its features with an electromagnetic pen, making it possible to take notes in meetings, create documents and reports using Microsoft suite as well as browse online. Samsung slate 7 series PC’s in Kenya vary in prices depending on hard drive storage capacity and the version of operating system.

Samsung series 7 slate PC puts together the portability associated with a tablet and the power of a laptop, resulting in a hybrid computer that suits today’s business needs especially for mobile executives. The slate PC is powered by Intel core i5 processor and comes with different solid state drive (SSD) capacity variations depending on your budget and needs. It weighs about 1.8 pounds and measures 11.6×7.2×0.5 inches, from these observations, Samsung series 7 slate PC’s are obviously heavier and thick compared to tablets; however, it features a larger 11.6 inch display panel compared to that of iPad 2 which is only 9.7inches. Just like the series 9 and series 7 laptops from the same manufacturer, Samsung series 7 XE700T1-A01AU slate PC features a dark grey brushed aluminum finish at its back with a chrome Samsung insignia placed at the center. On top of that, it has 3 vents across its centre essentially to protect the inner components from overheating. There is a modest sized speaker located at the top and a rear 3.0MP camera including 2.0MP front facing dual camera which are probably superior to that of laptops.
Despite their serious specs, Samsung series 7 XE700T1-A01AU slate PC’s wont sell like hot cakes in Kenya considering their costly retail price tags. Surrounding the 11.6 inch glossy black bezel is a thin strip of aluminum and a window button at the bottom, the screen is capable of 1366×768 pixels HD resolution coupled by led backlit and Samsung’s SuperBright Plus technology. Navigating the Samsung series 7 PC’s couldn’t be smoother, it has a large capacitive panel that offers quick and accurate menu navigation, not forgetting multi-touch capability such as finger pinch to zoom in or out. Using a simple finger drag makes selecting and copying text within web pages and documents fairly easy.
Samsung Series 7 XE700T1-A01AU Slate PC Features/Specifications;
·        1.6GHz Intel Core i5 2467M CPU
·        11.6 inch 1366×768 pixels HD capacitive multi-touch screen
·        4GB RAM, 128GB SSD
·        Intel HD 3000 GPU
·        Windows 7 Home Premium
·        3.0MP rear camera, 2.0MP front facing dual camera
·        WiFi, WIMAX, HSPA connections
Samsung Series 7 XE700T1-A01AU Slate PC Price in Kenya: Kshs.90,000


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