HP Pavilion DV7-7121nr Entertainment Laptop Review

HP’s pavilion line-up is mainly composed of entertainment focused laptops and the dv7-7121nr isn’t an exception, it’s best suited as a desktop replacement factoring-in its enormous display panel but it’ll do just fine playing those heavy-weight video games. I am a hardcore pro-portability critic when it comes to laptop computers, I’d say the pavilion dv7-7121nr must be up to the task to impress considering its huge 17.3inch panel that I find hard to carry around. The Pavilion series or rather Envy line-up has most of the components made to play, I have nothing against snappier components but can’t just ignore size as well. DV7-7121nr is mostly housed in an aluminum body from top-to-toe except for the under-side, it’s has a decent finish that’ll protect inner components from what could be fatal pressure.

  From the outside, it has that classy look you’d expect from a business centered laptop, the display’s back-lid was carefully curved from aluminum and leaves plenty of room for HP’s typical logo. Interestingly, the logo lights-up when the computer is opened, that kind of looked odd to my colleagues who found it a little irritating to put-up with; it made little sense other than HP’s own intention to sooth their ego for what would seem like some piece of art. The Pavilion DV7-7121nr or Envy DV7-7121nr whichever you’d prefer surely has the looks, it’s a good example of craftsmanship when it comes to high-end laptops by all means, but that didn’t compromise on the housing material. Aluminum has become popular on high-end portables due to its durability and the ability to resist damage under pressure, so if you’ve got a dv7-7121nr expect to see it around for a while. The housing didn’t amuse us that much, we’ve got rivals doing just as well in that field, but the power underneath is by far what I’d say a 21st century gaming laptop.

On the left-side, there are two 3.0 high-speed USB ports, a HDMI port, VGA port and a Gigabit Ethernet port. It was reasonable for HP to squeeze-in some 3.0 USB juice considering most devices within this genre don’t usually have one. I am no fan of blue-ray players; in fact, their popularity have been on a constant down-roll since they were first used, but still it was interesting seeing one on this bad boy. Both the drive and power lights are located on the right-side alongside the optical drive and two more 2.0 USB ports. Underneath is a single upgrade-bay lid contrary to traditional three lids for LAN, RAM and Drive. Our review model had 6GB RAM, 640GB hard drive, came with Windows 8 onboard and was powered by a Quad-core AMD A8 1.9Ghz processor. It comes with a nice Chiclet keyboard with numeric keys, and a basic track pad. Beyond that, there’s a fingerprint scanner and duos beats speakers and a sub-woofer. HP Pavilion DV7-7121nr is available in Kenya for a price tag ranging between KES40000 to KES80000 depending on the specifications.



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