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The best wireless power banks you can buy locally in Kenya for less than ksh.5,000 in 2020

Smartphones have undoubtedly evolved over years with some interesting tech inside, we can now choose from a range of features that suit our style and preferences such as whether to go for a punch hole front camera or notch, the same way we have an option to choose between an under display fingerprint sensor or a physical button and so forth. However; unlike other aspects of our handsets, batteries still have a long way to go. There hasn’t been a noticeable development in the mechanics used in the lithium ion batteries used in almost all phones currently available. There isn’t a smartphone out there that can comfortably promise to take you through an entire day under heavy use and still have some battery juice in the evening, hence the need to have a power bank just in case.

Power banks basically stores power to charge your devices when you need it. And there are a couple of power bank technologies you could choose from such as those that have alternative charging methods such as using solar and so forth. But as much as they can offer some kind of reliability, carrying power banks can sometimes be a tedious endeavor, I for example cannot have it for more than a day without simply misplacing or sometimes not even using it. But if you are let’s say travelling or moving to a remote location that power isn’t much of a necessity, then perhaps power banks could offer some solace.

While the batteries inside our smartphones haven’t evolved that much, the modes of charging them has tremendously improved from the gone days. We now have wireless charging option that you don’t need to hook a cable between your phone and the power source. Not all power banks support wireless charging technologies such as Qi. If your phone supports wireless charging technologies, then here are a couple of reliable power bank options you could opt for.

Reliable wireless power banks you can buy here in Kenya for less than Ksh.5,000

  • Promate AURAPACK-10 10000mAh Power Bank /Wireless Charger

Promate isn’t a common name internationally, but they do have some interesting products you should really try them out. Take for example their wireless power bank – Promate AURAPACK -10 10000mAh going for around Ksh5,600 here in Kenya. It comes equipped with the Qi wireless charging technology and has a battery charge capacity of 10,000mAh.

  • Samsung wireless Power bank EB-U1200CPNG

The Samsung Wireless power bank comes with fast charge capabilities and from our list of best power banks available locally, it features the best combination of price at only Ksh.3,500 and features. Features include fast Wireless Charging output (FAST CHARGE, Qi, Galaxy Watch), Fast Wired Charging In and Out (AFC, QC2.0 max.15W)

  • Xiaomi’s 10000mAh Mi Wireless Power Bank

Xiaomi is known for its feature pack that doesn’t churn out as much cash to own. And its wireless power bank is no different, it comes with Qi Certified 2-Way Fast Charging capability, 10W Fast Wireless Charging and 18W Fast Charging via the Output Port. This power bank solution also offers great value for your money with a price tag of only Ksh.3,500.


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