How to request for your NSSF statement online or using a mobile phone

Over the years, Kenyans have had to deal with complicated processes just to access information regarding their contributions to the National Social Security Fund, but things have equally improved and you can now access important information from the security fund without having to endure bureaucracies as before. Information such as knowing how much you’ve saved so far can easily be requested and received from the NSSF online portal or using a USSD code on your mobile phone rather having to visit their offices. And this is particularly important for employed individuals who might not have time to visit NSSF offices but would like to keep tabs on how much their employers are remitting for their retirement.

Knowing important stuff such as your NSSF savings is important, it removes the possibility of surprises when its too late and I would advise anyone who is saving for their future through the fund whether directly or indirectly for employed Kenyans to know exactly how much they’ve saved to manage their expectations. I have listed down all the important steps from top downwards that you can follow to request for your National Social Security Fund (NSSF) statement online.

How to request and access your NSSF statement online

  • First of all, you’ll need to register for the NSSF e-service
  • To start the process, head over to this link:
  • And then click on “registration” under “e-services member” you can ignore this if already registered for the NSSF e-services. Otherwise to complete your registration, click on “Existing member e-cert” on the next page
  • You’ll need to provide your username, password, NSSF Member number, ID number and PO BOX address and some “not required” details
  • On successful registration, head over to the NSSF statement accounts portal from below link
  • E-statement portal link:
  • The same can be accessed from the first link by clicking on “Statements Account
  • Then login using your respective username you used to register in earlier steps as well as the password
  • And finally access your NSSF statement online

How to request and get your NSSF statement via email using a mobile phone

  • On your mobile phone, Dial *303#
  • Then choose “Member Services” from the menu
  • Followed by “Contribution Information
  • Then lastly, tap on “Email Contribution Statement



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