The easiest way to enable the built-in screen recorder on android 10

If you have a device running on the latest version of android – android 10, there’s a feature you’ve probably never used as its not enabled by default. The built-in screen recorder allows you to record your android 10’s screen without necessarily having to download a third-party app. At the moment, only Samsung and LG device owners are known to be exempt as their devices have a screen recorder enabled by the manufacturers.

Even though this feature can easily be achieved through a third-party app, these apps could potentially be dangerous as they practically record anything visible on your device, so a developer with ill motives could gain a lot from your naivetes. For this reason, the inclusion of a screen recorder feature in the latest version of android is very helpful.

At least for Samsung and LG smartphones running Android 10 come with a pre-enabled on-screen recorder within their skins. You don’t need to run any special commands to have the feature enabled. On these devices for example, you need to swipe down twice from the top of your screen to expand the Quick Settings menu, then press on “screen recorder.

How to enable android 10’s built-in screen recorder using fastboot adb commands;

For other devices, you’ll need to run some simple adb commands, therefore its paramount to have the minimal adb shell installed on your computer as explained in my previous post with necessary permissions enabled in the developer tools.

Note this method will work if your phone uses the same power menu found in stock Android such as on Google pixel devices. When you press the power button, you’ll need to see the “Screenshot” option where you can long-press to start the recorder.

  • Download ADB tool from here and proceed to install the shell. Make sure you choose the version that’s compatible with your operating system.
  • Enable USB debugging on your laptop. Connect your phone to your computer, then head over to the developer options menu by quickly tapping “Build number” in Settings –> About Phone seven times in a row. You’ll be prompted to enter your lock screen pass code, then it will say, “You are now a developer!” Now, return to the “System” page in Settings, choose “Advanced,” then select “Developer options.”
  • Enable the screen recorder by running below command in the adb shell
adb shell settings put global settings_screenrecord_long_press true

Now you can record using the built-in feature rather than downloading a third-party application.


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