Tips on how to restart automatic Google drive backups of your android phone

For a long time, I’ve relied on the Apple devices as my daily drivers owing to their perceived advanced level of security and simplicity in use, but I’ve just come to realize since android 10 (Q), Google has just as well made commendable strides in the arena. But as expected, when I decided to have a ride with the latest version of Google’s OS, the pixel devices were my first choice. I had heard of their snappy operations; furthermore, this was a device from Google itself we’re talking about.

As expected, my journey had to overcome some hiccups first; I settled on the affordable Google Pixel 3a and boy-oh-boy, I couldn’t be happier. The device is just as fast as apple alternatives and given it’s from Google themselves, often than not is used to benchmark numerous alternatives on the same platform. Now Apple backs up everything on your device to the iCloud, so that in case you change a device or just want to clean it up, there’s always somewhere to restore your precious data from. Google does this as well but only better.

For starters, you have lots of storage to deal with and pixel devices such as the 3a are entitled to unlimited original quality backups of photos and videos at no extra cost! But my experience wasn’t as smooth as I expected. Heading over to System – Backups kept saying “waiting to backup” for days with a greyed out “backup now” button! This basically meant nothing was being uploaded. But there was a way to handle this, only that it need some bit of patience as well as hands-on with ADB commands. A proven easy way out would be disabling any form of screen lock, but this is just not the best solution.

How to restart automatic google drive backups when your android phone keeps showing “waiting to backup”

  • First, you’ll need to download the adb tool from here
  • Make sure your phone has usb debugging enabled in the developer tools
  • Then run below command in the adb tool
adb shell bmgr run bmgr backupnow --all

Backups should now resume and the backup now button back to its blue color.


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