Here is how you can get the Google Pixel Experience without owning a pixel phone here in Kenya

The android ecosystem is flooded by different tweaks that comes in the form of launchers, skins, themes and even UI (user interface), but the world over has come to appreciate the Pixel phone which eliminates any form of manufacturer branding, carrier bloatware to have what most refer to as the android experience. It makes sense to associate the pixel phones to have the true intended android experience since both hardware and software come from the same company.

Android skins slapped on top of the android OS by most manufacturers such as Samsung’s touch wiz, Oneplus oxygen OS, LG’s UXI and HTC’s sense may come with additional functionalities but they’re not always less of hiccups. In fact, most of them tend to slow down devices and the likes of Samsung are known to duplicate their version of apps such as Gallery and Music Player instead of utilizing Google’s built in alternatives that work better in most scenarios.

By including their own version of apps, you’ll find that these smartphones come with less internal usable space available as some of it has to accommodate the apps. One of the reasons I’d rather not purchase a smartphone from a specific carrier even with subsidized costs is the presence of bloatware that ultimately interferes with true android experience.

On the other hand, pixel phones have gained a credible reputation even though they joined in on the smartphone hardware sales late in the game. They’ve less bloatware and preinstalled apps can easily be uninstalled with just a tap. Carriers and manufacturers often make it impossible to uninstall their bloatware without rooting or rendering your device’s warranty void. In any case you’ll need to have some technology know how to do this.

1.      How to get the Pixel experience on your phone by installing the Pixel Launcher

The easiest and un complicated way to have your phone look just like the Pixels would be installing the pixel launcher. You’ll still need to have some basic knowledge of installing an app from unknown sources since the launcher is not available for other devices on the Play Store. There are numerous pixel launcher ports you could use instead to achieve this just as there are several Google camera ports that work exceptionally well on other devices.

2.      How to get the Pixel experience on your phone by installing a custom ROM

If you happen to own a HTC, Oppo, Motorola, Xiaomi, some LG’s, Galaxy phones, Asus including other brands that I haven’t mentioned here, there’s a very high chance there’s already a pixel experience ROM out there. Installing a Pixel based android custom ROM is a sure way to make your device run and behave just like the Google Pixel phones. Just head over to google and perform a simple search of “Pixel Experience ROM for – your device”, if there’s a custom ROM out there that supports your device you should find it without a hustle

3.      Buy a Google Pixel Phone as a last option

Our editorial is all about having the ultimate pixel experience without owning a pixel phone, but if you’d rather not go through all the hustle involved especially installing a custom ROM, then better buy a Google pixel phone.


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