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How to Pay for your Netflix Account using Mpesa through paypal

The most used method to subscribe and pay for your Netflix subscription has been through a credit/debit card or a Paypal account linked with one. But it’s not the most convenient way especially here in Kenya where mobile money services such as Mpesa and Airtel Money run the show. For Kenyans who utilize Netflix streaming service to access entertainment content, there’s a more convenient way to pay for the service without having to add a credit/debit visa or MasterCard for that matter.

With most Kenyans having access to unlimited home connected internet, the uptake of online streaming services such as Netflix and showmax has surged with equal measure. There are more Kenyans who are using online services to access content now compared to let’s say five years back. With Zuku leading the way and Safaricom finally catching up with their home service, accessing these content has become a reality for many Kenyans than before; in fact, majority of television sets sold in the country currently are either smart or you’ll find most buyers using online streaming boxes such as Apple TV, Chrome Cast and Fire stick.

If you are a new Netflix subscriber, you obviously get a month’s free trial, though you still need to add a card to your paypal account to access the free trial period. But let’s say you want to pay for your Netflix subscription using Mpesa once the free trial period has elapsed, there’s a simpler way to achieve this by linking your Mpesa wallet to Paypal.  

 How to Pay for your Netflix Subscription using Mpesa

  • First you’ll need to link your Paypal account to your Mpesa by visiting paypal-mpesa site
  • Then deposit cash to paypal through lipa na Mpesa facility
  • After you have linked your Mpesa to Paypal, proceed to add paypal balance
  • Use the paypal-mpesa site to know the conversion rates from Kenyan shillings to US Dollar
  • Go to “Lipa na Mpesa” enter business number as “800088” and your Mpesa number as account number
  • Put the amount and add paypal balance.
  • As long as you have enough paypal balance, Netflix will automatically deduct the renewal amount



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