How to send/Receive Money Using PayPal Mobile Money Service with M-PESA.

Kenyans who often use paypal services either in getting paid or purchasing stuff online will now get their money to their mpesa accounts hassle-free. Previously, the service was only available through third party agents who sometimes charged exorbitant commissions for the service. Before this service was introduced, the only other credible and easier method was only via equity bank. This comes courtesy of the partnership between Safaricom and PayPal, enabling the Safaricom’s customers in the country to link their paypal accounts to M-Pesa service.

How to use Paypal Mobile money service with Mpesa

  • For a start, users must have a paypal account which can be easily registered on website. As expected, a confirmation email is sent to the users email after which you can now proceed to the paypal mobile money with mpesa website ;

  • Use your paypal email and password to login


You’ll then need to link your paypal account with mpesa account by entering the mobile number registered and currently used for mpesa transactions

After completing the above provess, you’ll receive a confirmation code via text message, iii

How to withdraw money from your paypal account to mpesa using Paypal Mobile money service with Mpesa;

  • Access your paypal account and click on “withdraw from paypal”
  • You should see the available balance in US dollars
  • Enter the amount you intent to withdraw and click on “withdraw”
  • You’ll see the amount converted in Kenya shillings as well as the time it’ll take to reflect in your account.

How to top up your paypal account from mpesa;

  • From your Mpesa menu, navigate to “Lipa na Mpesa”, Go to “Pay Bill” menu then select “Enter Business No.”
  • Enter Paypal Business No “800088” then
  • On account no., enter your Phone no, i.e. “0700000000”, then the amount in Kenya shillings and put mpesa PIN


  1. So happy to see that now we can withdraw money from our paypal accounts into our MPESA. A few years ago, this was a dream we longed for. As kenyans, and as youth in this generation, we are highly privileged.

  2. hello , i have tried to register my empesa no to the paypal account and its like it is not fuctioning. what should i do because i need this service so much. please hell on how to activate this.
    best regards


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