How to Request a Taxify Boda in Nairobi Kenya

Requesting a taxi in Kenya has become easier by just tapping on a mobile app and waiting for your ride to arrive, it’s the same concept used by Uber, Taxify and Little from Safaricom. However, while most apps are used to only request cars, Taxify introduced a bodaboda service prompted by the popularity this segment enjoys among Kenyans. As of today, you’re mostly likely to be presented by two options while requesting for a ride using either of the services – a special or executive service and the ordinary service – at least before Taxify Boda was introduced.

According to Chisom Anoke, Taxify Kenya Operations Manager, the firm had developed Taxify Boda in response to a growing demand for a safe, organized and reliable motorbike service. “Rising use of motorcycle riders for public passenger transport is a reality that we have to live with particularly in Nairobi where traffic jams and clogged roads delay movement,” he explained. Although Taxify hasn’t given any details on the number of Boda boda riders it has recruited, the firm indicated the service will offer a minimum fare of Sh50 per trip to it’s drivers, a base rate of Sh30, Sh15 per Km and Sh3 per minute.

How to Request a Taxify Boda in Nairobi;

This service is no different to how you’d normally request a Taxify ride or any of the three (Taxify, Uber and Little) services. First you need to have the Taxify app intalled on your device (from play store for android and app store for apple devices). Assuming to have access to internet connection and you’ve already gone through the mandatory registration process with your mobile number, open the Taxify app, enter your destination then select “Boda”. Usually in between “Taxify” and “Comfort” options. As you’d expect, this option contains an image of a motorbike.


  1. Thanks for Taxify,

    We appreciate if we get phone number to call and book on time,
    Means now time is 11:36 am,
    I want a boda ride at 13:00 hrs,
    How to get it done???


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