Apple Unveils Ipad 2 with WiFi in Kenya

After shifting the attention to the would become tablet competitors, Apple has finally launched its lavished ipad 2 in Kenya with prices starting from Kshs.53,790 to 89,290 depending on the integrated capabilities; these prices differ with availability of WiFi, 3G and storage space lowest being 16GB and highest being 64GB. There is doubt ipad 2 is the best tablet we’ve ever seen so far from Apple; however, there is still room for more improvements such as an enhanced rear facing camera and a wider selection of applications.

Ipad 2 is elegantly designed and has a graceful efficient Apple iOS operating system with distinct features that support multitasking to offer superior user experience compared to other tablets on the market. The recently launched Ipad 2 in Kenya comes with WiFi in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capability options; however, 3G enabled ipad 2 devices are also available at additional cost.

Ipad 2 has borrowed a lot from its predecessors including the 9.7 inch LED-backlit multi-touch display panel which remains unchanged from the first iPad. Looking at its size and pixel resolution which stand at 1,024×768 pixels, ipad 2 has a front panel which is still covered by glass; however, its now framed in either glossy black or glossy white just to make things a little taster this time round. Both ipad 2 black and white models have a brushed aluminum that presents Apple logo right at the middle.

Apple ipad 2 Features/Specifications;

·        Apple A5 Dual-Core processor running at 1GHz speed that makes ipad 2 suitable for multitasking.
·        Apple iOS operating system that comes in handy with various applications for your ipad 2
·        9.7 inch LED backlit display panel that supports multi-touch to offer efficient menu navigation
·        Front-facing VGA camera and 0.7-megaxpixel rear camera for video charting and recording High Definition video clips.
·        The ipad 2 tablet unveiled in Kenya comes with various otions to choose from;

Ipad 2 Price in Kenya.

·        Ipad 2 with WiFi only; 16GB-Kshs.53,790, 32GB-Kshs.64490, 64GB-Kshs.75,390
·        Ipad 2 with WiFi and 3G; 16GB-Kshs.67,690, 32GB-Kshs.78,490, 64GB-Kshs.89,290


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