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Emergency Rescue for Kenyan Taxify Drivers and Passengers in Distress

Ever been suspicious of your taxi driver for whatever reason or as a taxi driver, you’ve drove some weird passengers, or in most unfortunate instance been a victim of hijacking? Well, Kenyan taxi drivers as well as passengers who often use taxify taxi hailing app can now rest easy. Taxify has unveiled an SOS button on the driver application that will safeguard it’s driver-partners against violent attacks and hijacks.

The SOS button is included on the Taxify driver app interface and when pressed, it triggers a distress call to Rescue by Flare; Nairobi’s largest network of ambulances and security guards.

Speaking during the launch, Taxify head of operations in Kenya Chisom Anoke said, drivers will now be able to use the additional safety feature whenever they are in areas where they feel insecure or are placed in dangerous situations. The integration of the SOS button comes on the back of Taxify’s plans to further utilize technology to keep drivers safe on the roads.“At the top of our priority list is ensuring the safety of our drivers and riders. The safety button will allow Taxify driver-partners access to rapid deployment of the correct emergency response, should they find themselves in danger”.

When the Taxify SOS Button is pressed, a call is immediately made to Rescue by Flare’s 24-hour call dispatch center who, then dispatch an ambulance or security team to the driver’s location to provide first responder assistance, after verifying the driver’s membership. Taxify will pay a retainer fee as well as a pre- approved cost for each incidence.

Caitlin Dolkart, Co-founder at Rescue by Flare said, “We are proud to partner with Taxify to ensure that all drivers and riders are safe on the road.  Available with a single touch of a button, Rescue is Nairobi’s largest network of ambulances with the fastest response times. Now, help is only minutes away for any Taxify driver!”

“We have hundreds of thousands of riders using the Taxify app every week, and the safety of both drivers and riders is of great importance to us. We have always had safety features in the app such as live GPS tracking of trips as well as the driver and rider rating system. The  new SOS button is an additional layer of safety that we have introduced to further ensure driver safety on the platform” added Anoke.


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