Uber, Little Cab and Bolt drivers plan to go on strike if operators fail to increase fares

Uber, Bolt and Little Cab drivers are planning to switch-off their services if operators fail to increase fares in the wake of high fuel prices. Fuel prices in the country have been skyrocketing with a notable increase in March that emerged as the highest price-tag in nine years. These drivers depend on rates set by operators and are shared between the driver and the operator.

According to the taxi hailing app drivers, low fares have made it impossible to service car loans as well as cutting down their overall take-home amount. They are demanding operators to increase fares and their commissions to mitigate the effects of high fuel prices.

Petrol prices per litre are retailing from Ksh. 107.66 in Nairobi, reflecting a nine-year high. Through their official lobby – E-hailing Transporters Kenya, drivers are now demanding a hike in fares and a reasonable cut in commissions or switch off their phones if the demands are not met in a months’ time.

Speaking on behalf of the lobby, Secretary General Wycliff Alutalala issued a 30-day notice to all the operators, saying they will be forced to switch-off and delete respective apps if their demands are not met.

 Currently, Uber offers its drivers a cut of 25 percent in commission while Bolt and Little Cab shares a 20 and 19 percent cut, respectively. According to the lobby, drivers want operators to take less than 15 percent from their earnings.

Drivers allege that on a Ksh. 1,000 trip, they only take home about Ksh. 250 with Ksh. 250 going to app owners and fuel taking the rest of earnings.


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