Safaricom unveils Lipa na Mpesa promotion to reward merchants and subscribers

Safaricom has unveiled a Lipa na Mpesa promotion targeting to reward both its customers and merchants in an eight-week long marketing. The promotion will see both consumers utilizing the facility to make payments as well as merchants earn 1 point for every KES 100 payment made through the facility. This basically means if you spent KES 1,000 through the Lipa na Mpesa facility, you’ll get 10 points as well as the merchant (seller).

The promotion which is slated to last for the next eight weeks will see both buyers and sellers stand a chance to win houses, cashback, tractors tracks as well as Tuktuks. Winners will be selected from weekly draws up until march 5th 2020.

Lipa na Mpesa promotion will be distributed across 8 regions in the country where in the grant finale, customers from the eight regions will stand a chance to win one of the 8 tractors equipped with a plough and trailer.

Safaricom will also reward 8 customers across the eight regions every minute with a surprise cashback, with more than 600,000 shoppers getting awarded by the end of the promotion. Merchants utilizing the Lipa na Mpesa facility to accept payments during the promotion will receive 25 percent of their daily till charges as a cashback in addition to standing a chance to win one of 8 Fuso F1 nine tonne trucks per region or one of 120 Tuktuks also to be awarded regionally.

Speaking on the launch, Safaricom’s Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Mulinge said that M-PESA had emerged as a preferred way to make and receive cashless payments due to its convenience and the peace of mind it delivers to shoppers and businesses. She also added that with the promotion, the telco was encouraging merchants and customers to use Lipa Na M-PESA to receive and make payments at kiosks, supermarkets, fuel stations, bars, restaurants, car washes and various merchant tills giving them a chance to win big.

Kenya’s largest telecom company by number of subscriber’s intents to deepen the uptake of cashless payments in the country through the promo. The company launched Lipa Na M-PESA in June 2013, and for the first time, the service provided many businesses with an easy and convenient way to receive cashless payments. Today, more than 140,000 businesses accept payments through Lipa Na M-PESA.

According to data from the Central Bank of Kenya, the mobile phone is now the most popular way to make and receive non-cash payments, accounting for more than nine of every ten such transactions. Current statistics indicate that cash remains the most popular means of transacting in Kenya accounting for more than nine of every ten transactions. The Lipa Na M-PESA promotion is Safaricom’s latest initiative in the war against cash as it deepens the war against cash, which has seen the company launch different partnerships in the recent past.


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