AccessKenya group installs fiber monitoring system to tackle cable cuts and fiber degradation

AccessKenya has unveiled a fiber monitoring system for its 450 Kilometer carrier Ethernet Fiber Optic Network that will help easily detect cable cuts experienced on its network and in turn help resolve them much faster. The firm which has invested heavily on the fiber optic infrastructure currently boasts of more than 595 buildings with fiber connections in Mombasa and Nairobi. Cable cuts on fiber cables has become a major thorn in the country with major interruptions occurring due to the same. These interruptions have underscored Kenya’s commitment to promoting and becoming an ICT hub in the region with no significant reduction in internet charges despite the advantages associated with fiber optic.

With a good number of buildings already connected in Nairobi and Mombasa, the firm says the move was necessitated considering frequent cable cuts on its network. The Group’s Managing Director Mr. Jonathan Somen also indicated the firm was now able to proactively detect unanticipated faults which were the biggest hazards for terrestrial fiber cables thanks to the new system which was installed sometimes in November. “With this system in place, we can now coordinate network faults and better map distances to resolve such interruptions much faster even as we expand our metropolitan coverage”, said Somen.

The firm is estimated to be spending about Ksh.200,000 in three to four weeks on repair costs for cable cuts with Nairobi area being the most affected. Almost ninety percent of these cuts are caused by vandalism and contractors according to Somen, but AccessKenya has deployed numerous redundant rings across the network to guarantee zero downtime to its clients and prompt responses in case they occur, added Somen.

The reactive monitoring system can also pick up fiber degradation of which AccessKenya hopes to utilize in maintaining network quality. The firm is also said to be looking into expanding its current coverage to all 47 counties in Kenya by the end of 2014. Going into the New Year, AccessKenya intends to focus on growing its corporate and enterprise business by offering internet, IT solutions, Cloud, data backup and MPLS services.


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