AccessKenya to launch Security as a Service Solution in East Africa

Leading Corporate Internet and IT Solutions provider AccessKenya Group has launched a Security as a Service solution in the East African Market targeting the high-risk ICT environments and services sector. The solution, Managed Security Services (MSS) capable of full deployment within seven days after an audit, is a tripartite partnership venture with ICT Security firm, Security Risks Solution Limited and Internet Solutions Kenya Limited. While addressing  a breakfast meeting, Loren Bosch, the Head of Managed Services at AccessKenya and Internet Solutions said the new solution is able to capture real-time logs and alerts of manipulation of electronic files and any attempts to circumvent IT controls.

“We are introducing MSS as a single vendor solution with access to modules such as automated monitoring, Visibility, control and oversight, Cost savings, Reduced risk of obsolescence, flexibility and Security compliance. By deploying MSS, hosted on the AccessKenya and Internet Solution cloud, an organization will be able to free up critical human and financial resources”, he said.

MSS he explained, addresses one of the major failings affecting highly vulnerable environments and sectors such as banking, insurance and government revenue centers and that is non detection and reporting of incidents before they become crises.

Experts attribute this to a shortage of skilled personnel coupled by the high Capex requirement for developing a fully secure inhouse environment.  In 2013 over 71 percent of all attacks were directed at end user Devices and Personal Computers and another 51 percent targeted server systems for weaknesses.

“As the bring your own device (BYOD) trend continues at the workplace, we shall continue to see information security risks being exploited both from internal and external vulnerabilities such as poorly deployed business applications and downloads”, said Jason Finlayson, Director Security Risks Solution. According to Finlayson intrusions are rarely discovered in time by the victim, not until they are locked out through highly evolved theft of authentication credentials or malicious takeover of genuine applications.

“This means that organizations need to treat privacy as both a compliance and business risk issue to reduce regulatory sanctions and high impact security events that may lead to reputational damage and loss of customers due to privacy breaches”, he explained.


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