3G Direct Pay Introduces Mpesa and Airtel Money Solutions in Kenya

Kenya has so far experienced the fastest growth in e-commerce payments solutions coupled by its embrace for social, digital and mobile innovations compared to other African countries. Unlike the developed world, most African countries and their developing counterparts in Asia and South America have been left behind in utilizing the opportunities created from ICT innovations such as e-commerce due to lack of access to credible online payment solutions such as Paypal, Visa and MasterCard. However, latest developments in Kenya’s ICT sector indicate an emerging retail experience which is shaping the country’s e-commerce by providing entrepreneurs numerous methods of accepting payments for their products and or services as well as consumers with reliable ways to make secure online payments for services and products they need such as 3G Direct Pay.

3G Direct Pay is an online payment service provider which enables travel providers to integrate online shopping and payment facilities such as the American Express, MasterCard, Paypal and Visa on their e-commerce web pages. It has some of the most advanced worldwide online shopping and payments solutions which essentially collect credit card payments from consumers worldwide on behalf of the entrepreneur. 3G Direct Pay is powered by a sophisticated technology which ensures that travel providers get real time payments for their products and services, have access to advanced risk management modules, offers 24/7 online support center and its simple and fast to implement and use. The services offered by 3G Direct Pay include;
  • Online booking solutions for travel websites: companies are allowed to integrate 3G Direct Pay on their travel websites to be part of the whole booking process by providing a complete shopping and credit card payments service for customers worldwide. It incorporates 128 Bit SSL Protocol and Geo Trust QuickSSL certificates to ensure the highest secured platform for your customers.
  •    Offline booking solutions: it’s regarded as the perfect solution for reservation centers where customers are allowed to book offline using phones or e-mails and make payments later.
During the launch of 3G Direct Pay in Kenya, the Managing Director Mr. Eran Feinstein indicated they were proud to pioneer the much needed online payments and shopping facilities in the region. He also noted that 3G Direct Pay team was convinced more merchants from the region will utilize their services as the overall uptake of internet increases. Mobile money transfer is used largely by East Africans and by integrating both Mpesa from Safaricom and Airtel Money to its system is expected to bring onboard more customers who do not have access to international systems such as Paypal MasterCard and Visa. As of now, 3G Direct Pay caters for more than 250 travel service providers in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia; the unveiling of Mpesa and Airtel money mobile money transfer services will enable consumers to make payments using their mobile phones. Entrepreneurs will be required to access their 3G Direct Pay accounts and link them with their Airtel Money and Mpesa accounts.


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