1Terabyte Hard Drives from Western Digital and Hitachi

Since the advent of computing technology, Computers have gained a global recognition with a ton of functions and responsibilities ranging from storage solution to execution of applications; today, heavy multimedia files such as HD audio and video, 3D computer games, Music and documents are just a few things we store on our computers. In order to meet this need, hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital and Hitachi have come up with hard drives featuring enormous storage space measured in Terabytes. The latest entrance in the market segment is Western Digital’s Caviar Black WD1001FALS and Hitachi’s Deskstar 7k1000 1TeraByte hard drive capacity, presenting consumers with enough space to store their valuable files without worrying of storage space. For those who have at one time dealt with heavy multimedia files know that storage space could be a thorn in the flesh if a reliable hard drive capacity is not budgeted for.

Despite this valuable development, computer users continue to be suspicious of their information’s safety in case the hard drive malfunctions; storing files on a single hard disk increases safety risks than when stored on different smaller locations. As of now, there are various firms which offer services to recover data on crashed drives; however, there is no guarantee you’ll retrieve all of the lost information. The biggest scare is that you might actually not be able to recover all of your sensitive data incase your machine broke down, or even worse, if someone with malicious intentions stole it; to limit such risks, most computer users turn to external hard drives in an effort to protect all their documents incase the computer or hard drive were to fail. It is with this in mind that hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital and Hitachi decided to introduce Caviar Black WD1001FALS and Deskstar 7k1000 external disks with an enormous 1 TB storage capacity.
To appreciate these drives, the first aspect we should observe is their 1Terabyte storage capacity; both Western Digital and Hitachi drives have a huge amount storage space hence enough room to protect your sensitive data. On top of that, latest HD multimedia files, 3D games and applications won’t be a headache anymore as the 1Terabyte space is more than enough to keep them; today, most high-end laptops and desktops are shipped with about 500GB hard drives which can accommodate almost 1000 movie files. As of now, there are more hard drive manufacturers who have superseded the 1Terabyte space with bigger 2TB, 3TB and even 4TB drives. Considering these drives, there is definitely enough space for the typical computer user on the hard disk which is physically similar to previous drives.


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