Airtel Engages Ezetop to Allow Global Airtime Top Ups

Remember those days when you wanted to send airtime to friends, family members or even colleagues while abroad but dint know how?, apparently, Airtel has joined the world’s leading airtime top up service provider Ezetop to allow its subscribers receive airtime top ups from friends and relatives abroad. Although Ezetop is limited to specific countries, Airtel subscribers in Kenya can use this service as of now without any complications provided the important steps are undertaken; the person sending airtime is not charged at least until the intended airtime recipient has received the top up. With continued reduction in cross border calling tariffs among service providers and innovative airtime top up methods, the world is becoming connected at a tremendous rate than ever thought before.

Ezetop is an established airtime top up service provider with retail outlets in more than 16 countries as well online and through mobile devices via its website. Apart from its partner networks, Ezetop has an advanced platform which enables websites worldwide via its white label for operators to sell top up online. As a solution provider, it allows those living away from home to instantly recharge airtime balance on their friend’s, family member’s and colleague’s mobile phones. This service greatly benefits both the network provider and subscribers; mobile service providers get additional revenue outside their domestic markets while subscribers are presented with a convenient way to benefit from relatives and friends who are living and or working abroad. As of now, Ezetop has already hooked up most service providers to their system across the globe including; Airtel, SMART, MTN, Orange, C&W, Telcel, Telefonica, Tigo, Warid, Zong LIME, Digicel Etisalat, Telecom among others.
Ezetop has its headquarters located in Dublin Ireland with regional presence in Europe (Barcelona, Spain), North America (Miami US) and Middle East (Dubai UAE). Airtel is currently the vastest network in Africa after acquiring Zain and is Kenya’s second largest service provider after Safaricom by subscriber share. Recent developments in the firm’s approach to innovation that subsequently resulted in an online payment service courtesy of MasterCard and now global airtime top ups are expected to spearhead its dominance in the region.
Airtel/Ezetop Global Airtime Top Up Process
·        You’ll fist need to sign up on the website for an account or visit Airtel’s website and follow the procedure
·        Select the person you intent to top up his airtime balance
·        Complete your card details; recharge is done instantly and you’ll be charged only after it has been received and most importantly, it’s safe and secure.


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