4 Emerging Sectors That Can Boost The African Economy

Africa is a continent that has a lot of potential to achieve big things, however, the continent has struggled to make much progress economically. In spite of having a wealth of natural resources and a rapidly growing population, the African continent is struggling to keep up with the economy of other parts of the world. Many countries in Africa continue to struggle economically and have to consistently face problems like poverty, unemployment, poor infrastructure, and underdevelopment.

Even after struggling for a long period, the future looks bright for African nations if they play their cards right. There are so many factors that can help African nations compete with the economy of developed nations across the world. Here in this article, we will be having a look at a few emerging sectors and industries that can give a boost to the African economy. These sectors have proven themselves to make a significant impact all over the world and they would certainly do so in Africa too. Let’s have a look at some of those emerging sectors:


On top of the list, we have the technology. Technology has proven itself to be a major game changer and countries that have employed technology the right way in their operations have certainly benefited from it. Africa is already home to some of the most promising and innovative startups and entrepreneurs who are deploying new products and services into the market to help the people and the economy.

There are so many ways in which technology is helping people around the world by creating new opportunities for economic growth. All the big tech companies around the world such as Google, Amazon, Omegle, Facebook, etc started as startups and now they are considered a dominating force in the tech world.

The continent has a large, young population that is well-educated and tech-savvy, making it an ideal place for technology companies to invest and it won’t be long before we will see African youngsters come up with online startups like Chatroulette. It is expected that the technology sector will play a huge role in uplifting the economy of many African nations by providing various job opportunities and improving the standards of living in Africa. It is only a matter of time that African nations come to realize the true potential of technology and use it in their favor to drive their economic growth.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

As mentioned, Africa is rich in natural resources and if African nations commit to it, they can make huge strides economically. Africa has been blessed with natural resources like Sun and Wind and they can use these resources to generate clean and sustainable energy that will not only eliminate the energy crisis but also help the African nations to become economically stable.

The trend all across the world has changed and we are now seeing more and more countries making a shift to renewable energy development. In Africa, renewable energy projects are being deployed across the continent such as wind farms in South Africa and solar power plants in Morocco. These projects are not only helping in the generation of energy but also creating various employment opportunities and reducing the usage of fossil fuels. If these projects can be deployed all across the continent, every African nation would benefit from them. 


The continent of Africa also has vast stretches of fertile land, however, agriculture hasn’t been a major sector for many countries on the continent. Agriculture has been neglected by many nations and because of poor infrastructure, limited access to modern technology, and lack of financial resources, this sector has been badly hampered but this sector holds a lot of potential. For many countries on the continent, agriculture could be the key to gaining economic stability.

In recent years, we have seen increased investments in modern agriculture technology, irrigation, and research which shows that this sector is poised for growth. It is only a matter of time before this sector will help boost the economy of many nations on the continent.


Tourism is another sector that could be a major contributor to the continent’s economy. Africa has a lot of natural and cultural attractions to attract tourists from around the world. From spectacular landscapes and wildlife to vibrant cultures across the continent, African nations have so much to offer with which they can attract tourists from across the globe. However, historically, we haven’t seen much development in this sector and countries have also been poor in promoting tourism.

With increasing investment, proper tourism infrastructure, tourism marketing, and promotion, tourism can be the key sector for many nations across the continent.

To conclude all of this, these sectors have the potential to boost the African economy and take it to new heights but only if the governments and private sectors work together to create a supportive environment for these emerging sectors.


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