Samsung NP-RF511-S03 15.6 inch Laptop Computer

Samsung has excelled in almost all segments of high-tech equipments and devices that provide some of the best top class solutions to date; however, when it comes to computing, the company has not had much success, the recent announcement of Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop is expected to solidify its intention to register a reasonable market share in the sector. Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop comes with the latest Intel 2.4GHz core i5-2410M processor with a dedicated 1GB Nvidia graphics card to offer a splendid performance experience whether 3D gaming, multitasking applications or just listening/ watching High Definition multimedia; it can also perform basic computing functions such as internet browsing efficiently.

Samsung must be given due credit for their incredible laptop designs such as the one featured on NP-RF511-S03; it is shipped in a black casing that contains a chrome like sheen measuring 14.9x10x1.45 inches. Comparing Samsung NP-RF511-S03 with Dell Inspiron 15(N5040), you’ll notice a full chiclet keyboard on the later offering maximum comfort while typing, on the other hand, Samsung NP-RF511-S03 has a brushed metal face that houses a full keyboard with a numeric key pad and a track pad. I’ve heard Dell Inspiron 15(N5040) users say the device works perfectly while gaming or watching video clips despite its earlier version of core i3 intel processor; when it comes to performance, believe me its no match for Samsung NP-RF511-S03 which boasts of the latest core i5 Intel processor.
For those who love video chatting, Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop houses one of the best rated 1.3-megapixel webcam in the industry which is placed above the 15 inch Led display panel. To spicy up things a little better, Samsung placed two stereo speakers within NP-RF511-S03 laptop so you won’t need external ones. DDR3 6GB RAM and 640GB hard drive capacity automatically places Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop top in its genre. You’ll also find two 2.0 USB ports and two 3.0 USB ports on Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop which offers extremely fast data transfer speed; ten times that of 2.0 USB ports. On the sides, Samsung NP-RF511-S03 houses a blue ray drive along with HDMI output, audio in and out jacks, an RJ-45 Ethernet port plus the named USB ports.
Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop Features/Specifications;
·        Intel 2.4GHz core i5-2410M processor
·        640GB hard drive capacity, 6GB DDR3 RAM
·        1GB nVIDIA Geforce Graphics card
·        Two 2.0 USB Ports, two 3.0 USB Ports
·        15.6 inch display panel
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·        1.3-Megapixel Webcam
·        4 in one media card reader supporting; SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC formats.
·        Blue ray drive
Samsung NP-RF511-S03 laptop Price in Kenya: $999


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