Samsung QX411-W01UB General Purpose Laptop

In a development that’s expected to solidify its QX series portfolio, Samsung has introduced QX411-W01UB general purpose laptop rivaling the likes of Apple MacBoook Pro Thunderbolt and Dell XPS 15z (Windows). Samsung QX411-W01UB boasts of the sturdiest aluminum design among its peers which is best known for its robust construction to withstand various presses such as a good palm press; the electronics giant, paid a considerable attention to QX411-W01UB’s aluminum frame design to be sturdier than other devices in its genre. Unlike the last two QX series laptops from Samsung which had NVIDIA graphics enhanced by ‘switching graphics’ technology and an enormous hard drive capacity, QX411-W01UB is powered by only integrated graphics and 640GB/750GB hard drive capacity.

Samsung sort to separate QX411-W01UB from its peers like Asus U46E-BAL5 and Sony VPC EG16FM by integrating an additional glass layer on the laptop’s 14inch screen essentially for making its HD panel look descent while photos and videos appear explicit. Although Samsung QX411-W01UB’s chicklet keyboard lacks backlit leds, it’s very ergonomic for your typing needs. Many users have however reported a jumpy cursor on QX411-W01UB’s clicking touch pad especially while using two fingers to surf the web contrary to other devices such as Apple 13 thunderbolt which works perfect. On the other side, Samsung QX411-W01UB comes with wireless technology that allows wireless display such as power point presentations, slideshows and video streaming separate from its WiDi2.0 technology. In addition, it has an internal WiMaX adaptor necessary for establishing connections on a wider area span contrary to WiFi which is able to connect at limited short distances; however, just incase you’ll need WiFi, Samsung QX411-W01UB comes already equipped.
Although it lacks Blu-ray, Samsung QX411-W01UB comes with a tray ejection DVD burner and a third uncovered USB port for regular use. Unlike its previous QX series predecessors which came with 750GB hard drive capacity, it has a lower 640GB drive capacity which is still more than enough for basic use. You’ll also find best performing speakers located above the speakers on this device compared to other laptops in its genre. Though previous QX series have splendid features and functionality compared to Samsung QX411-W01UB, it boasts of the best 2.4GHz Intel core i5-2430M processor known for fast performance than its siblings. Other features include a 6GB RAM and 802.11b/g/n network options.
Samsung QX411-W01UB Features/Specifications;
  • 2.4GHz Intel core i5-2430M Processor
  • 6GB RAM, WiMaX, WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • 14inch display screen, HDMI Port
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • 640GB hard drive capacity, WiDi2.0 technology
  • DVD+R DL Primary optical drive
  • Two 3.0 USB ports considered 10 times faster than 2.0, one 2.0 USB Port
Samsung QX411-W01UB Price in Kenya: $700


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