Safaricom’s Vodafone VF555 Blue Facebook Handset

Vodafone VF555 Blue is the world’s first handset specifically designed to keep friends, family members and colleagues updated on their facebook accounts. It was explicitly designed for Vodafone which is a UK based telecommunications giant with presence in many countries abroad including Kenya through Safaricom. Safaricom which is Kenya’s biggest mobile service provider, is a public listed company also partly owned by Vodafone; there is no surprise therefore why Safaricom is introducing VF555 Blue given its attachment to the UK based service provider. Over the past few years, facebook has gained a commanding authority among social networking sites with an enormous estimate of millions of new signups each day; having a facebook specially designed entry level handset from Safaricom and Vodafone is therefore a reasonable gamble.

Considering a close relationship the two firms have on Chinese made telecommunication devices, the new Safaricom VF555 Blue facebook phone from Vodafone shares a similar chip and operating system as to those found on Taiwanese, Chinese and Brazilian devices. The main selling point for Vodafone VF555 Blue is the integration of facebook application in its operating system which gives subscribers an amble time to stay connected and update their facebook status with ease. On top of that, VF555 Blue has a dedicated facebook key coupled by a QWERTY keypad essentially to allow fast connection to the social network and seamless typing of text. Apart from the facebook application, Vodafone VF555 Blue also integrates a chat client that supports various applications such as E-mail client, Google chat and Opera web browser. Although the handset does not support 3G internet connection platform currently offered by Safaricom, its EDGE platform is anticipated to provide a reasonable connection speed able to cater for facebook use without experiencing any hiccups.
Vodafone VF555 Blue comes with 40MB onboard memory storage capacity that’s estimated to store around 10 Mp3 music files with an option to expand using an external MicroSD card. At its rear, there is a 2.0-Megapixel camera coupled by flash to capture those special moments or even personal photos for use on your facebook account. On the entertainment segment, Vodafone VF555 houses a standard avi video port and a standard earphone jack including support for an Fm radio. Its expected Safaricom will offer Vodafone VF555 Blue with a 6 months free data plan on the initial purchase.
Safaricom’s Vodafone VF555 Blue Features/Specifications;
  • 2.4inch TFT display screen, up to 262k colors
  • 2.0-Megapixel camera
  • 40MB internal storage capacity
  • QWERTY keypad, dedicated facebook key
  • MicroSD card slot; supports external MicroSD card memory card up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth, Facebook application, Opera mini web browser
Vodafone VF555 Blue Price in Kenya: estimated below Kshs.5000


  1. I own a Vodafone 555 Blue Cellphone acquired in March 2012.Do you know of a place in Nairobi where I can purchase a new face for it?


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