LG Introduces LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

There has been mixed reactions towards the latest development from LG to introduce a mouse with a built in scanner; this development could send millions of bulky scanners currently in use packing saving the much needed desk space. Apart from opening a new avenue for the development of efficient space saving scanners, LSM-100 Scanner Mouse presents a totally new dimension in the use and even designing of office desk. The most amazing feature on LSM-100 Mouse scanner is its ability to allow users to save, drag or drop scanned documents as large as A3 in variant file formats just by swiping over them.

If you aren’t convinced yet, consider this; in addition to its scanning capability, LSM-100 mouse scanner has an in built optical character recognition (OCR) feature that converts text from PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF (including other formats) into an editable word documents without any hassle. You’ll always find organizations wanting to outsource data capture services to other firms; perhaps the LSM-100 LG Mouse Scanner will change their perception considering its efficiency and solution to limited office desk space. After its official launch, the LG’s innovative LSM-100 mouse scanner is expected to set new heights for development of office scanners among the industry players.
For those who are concerned about operating the new LSM-100 LG Scanner Mouse, the device is not difficult as it sounds; in fact it’s far much more convenient than conventional scanners. Apart from using it as a normal mouse, users will only need to swipe it across the document to be scanned and the image will appear on your desktop which can be saved in various file formats as you wish. Another amazing feature on LSM-100 LG Scanner is its ability to scan larger documents up to A3 size commonly not possible with many conventional scanners.
LSM-100 LG Mouse Scanner Features/Specifications;
  • 5 LEDs for the Camera
  • Capable of scanning up to A3 size materials
  • Can function as a normal mouse
  • Support various file formats
  • Saves on office desk space
LSM-100 LG Scanner Mouse Price in Kenya: $148


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