LG HS-1865NN8 Mosquito Away Air Conditioner now Available in Kenya

Kenyans have yet another gadget that will aid in reducing the prevalence of malaria by keeping mosquitoes away. In a move that saw industry’s first anti-mosquito air conditioner unveiled in the country by LG, Kenyans will now add the LG HS-1865NN8 Mosquito Away to their list of gadgets which stretch beyond their basic functionality to ensure Malaria causing mosquitoes are unwelcomed in their homes. Malaria is a known and common menace in Kenya with an estimate of between 30 and 50 percent of all out-patients according to the ministry of health. The LG HS-1865NN8 Mosquito Away air conditioner was specially designed to suite the local market by incorporating industry’s first functionality which utilizes ultrasonic waves to keep mosquitoes away.

During the launch, LG’s East Africa Managing Director Mr. Joseph Kim, said they were certain with the new Mosquito Away air conditioner to provide true comfort to Kenyan consumers. He also acknowledged the challenge of designing a product that would not only provide an effective way of dealing with mosquitoes but be non-toxic as well, a condition which they were happy to have met. “By using the ultrasonic wave technology, impressive cooling performance as well as low voltage needs, we are confident that the Mosquito away air conditioner will meet the needs of Kenyans”, he added.

The LG HS-1865NN8 Mosquito Away air conditioner operates by producing ultrasonic waves that interferes with Mosquito’s sensory cells thereby causing confusion, paralysis and often death. This innovation is said to be completely harmless on human beings and represents a clean and safe alternative to otherwise chemical based insecticides and repellants that maybe dangerous. Users can easily activate the functionality by pressing the ‘Mosquito Away Button’ on the air conditioner’s remote control which prompts a speaker within the AC to be activated and in turn produce ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 30kHz to 100kHz in charge of repelling the mosquitoes.

The mosquito away functionality on this Air Conditioner can as well be activated independently of cooling, helping to energy consumption. When strong cooling is needed, the inbuilt large fan complemented by the jet cool function delivers an increased volume of air flow. The Mosquito Away air conditioner under-went testing in World Health Organization (WHO) to prove its effectiveness in aiding to keep mosquitoes at bay. The new Air Conditioner will be available at Hotpoint showrooms in Sarit center Nairobi, Likoni – Mombasa from the 21st of January 2014.


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